Ali Tabei - Princeton Club
Ali TabeiBody Transformation Specialist

    Ali Tabei has a passion for fitness and has dedicated over 10 years to helping people reach their personal fitness goals. Ali is experienced in working with people who are at any stage of their fitness journey from a fitness novice to clients who seek to lose body fat. He has the knowledge and experience to help his clients break through their fitness plateau and can also assist those training for a wide variety of competitive events.

    Ali is an accomplished body building and kickboxing competitor. He is a certified fitness specialist through American Council on Exercise. For Ali, fitness is a way of life and a state of mind. He believes that proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

    Ali’s training programs are strategically designed with a strong emphasis on proper form according to each individual’s structural and functional needs, as well as their specific personal fitness goals. Ali is passionate about finding strategies to help his clients achieve their fitness and athletic performance, overcoming any physical limitation they might have.

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