Guillermo Rodriguez - Princeton Club Personal Trainer
Guillermo RodriguezPersonal Trainer & Club Manager • Princeton Club Xpress Monona

    Guillermo is an energetic personal trainer at Princeton Club Xpress Monona. His priority is focused on the individual’s personal growth, and he is known for curating uniquie training sessions catered to his client’s needs. 

    Guillermo has spent the last five years practicing and refining best practice for exercise and overall health for both himself and for others. He considers the holistic approach is the most effective way to see healthy change in one’s self; that means giving equal attention to your mental strength as to your physical abilities, respecting your spiritual needs while exerting yourself in other ways. He is practical and authentic- not one to shy away from harsh realities but adept at keeping clients comfortable and motivated throughout their sessions. 

    Serving five years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry, Guillermo has experience leading teams through physical and mental challenges. He has supported his comrades through countless hardships. His training with the Marines has allowed Guillermo to become adaptable to any situation presented and fortified the impact of willpower. One concept Guillermo will always enforce; never underestimate your own resiliency. 

    Guillermo received his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) accreditation. He has a specialty with strength training, curating efficient, strategic training programs focused on form to prevent injury, and overall lifestyle improvement. If you get him talking, he could keep you in conversation for hours. Training sessions with Guillermo are seldom dull; he is quick-witted and genuine. A true motivator and supportive teammate, Guillermo is a great personal trainer for newcomers and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. He is ready to meet you wherever you are and hold you accountable to reach your goals.

    Guillermo is also the club manager of Princeton Club Xpress Monona. 

    “Change is unavoidable, growth is determined by resiliency.”