Lauren Parish - Princeton Club
Lauren ParishBody Transformation Specialist

    “It takes 30 days for you to notice a change, 60 days for your friends to notice, and 90 days for the world to notice. Give it 90 days!

    “Hi, I’m Lauren! The quote above empowers me to keep going with my goals and is something I instill in my clients from the very beginning. All too often we start on the right track with an exercise plan and create our new list of healthy meals, but fall short because we expect instant results. I am here to teach you that making short-term goals is the key to long-term success. It takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment towards your goals, but in truth, the first and most important commitment is to commit to a healthier, better version of YOU!

    With that attitude, any goal is possible, and I am 100% here to give you the results you deserve! No matter if you’re completely brand new to exercise and just want to feel comfortable walking on the treadmill, or have tried endless fad diets and want a refreshing start towards your weight loss goals, or have years of workouts under your belt and need advanced training, I’m your girl!”

    Lauren Parish is from Lakeville, MN and came to UW-Madison for her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology- Exercise and Movement Science. Lauren was a 3-sport high school athlete competing in gymnastics, track & field, and volleyball. She has a vast array of knowledge and experience ranging from coaching gymnastics, working with adults that have physical limitations, to one semester in a cardio rehab center where she became a range of motion specialist. Through all of this, it has only re-enforced her passion for helping every member reach his or her full potential. Lauren’s desire to help people change and excel to new heights is undeniable. She will create effective, customized workouts centered around your goals that combine cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, diet, and lifestyle instruction, while providing educational opportunities on programming and specifics on technique.

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