Mike Woehrl - Princeton Club Madison West Personal Trainer
Mike WoehrlPersonal Trainer Princeton Club West

    Mike Woehrl is a native of Madison, Wisconsin. He attended New Mexico State University earning a B.S degree in Physical Education followed by graduate school at the University of New Mexico receiving a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. Mike then worked as an independent personal trainer in Dallas Texas for over 30 years where he trained a variety of clients young and old, athletic to sedentary.

    Experience and a certification from Z-Health has allowed Mike to develop a unique style of training based on the nervous system’s effect on training through primal movement patterns and joint mobility training, developing the body to do what it was made for, being human! This type of training allows clients to improve balance, mobility, strength and posture while overcoming imbalances associated with the stresses of daily life.

    Getting people excited to workout is Mike’s passion and is what motivates him to come to the gym everyday. “Seeing people improve is what it’s all about”. In his free time Mike enjoys fly fishing for trout and being an avid cyclist. Let Mike be your advocate to a healthier fitter you!