Noah Coughlin - Princeton Club Madison West Personal Trainer
Noah CoughlinPersonal Trainer Princeton Club West

    Noah has been training at the club since 2020 where he started as an intern for the Club. He will be graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology (Exercise and Movement Science) and a Certificate in Promoting Activities for Diverse Abilities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Noah is from just north of Madison in the small town of Columbus. He has worked with athletes ranging from middle school to high school, as well as individuals that have a disability like those recovering from a stroke or recovering from spinal surgery. This included taking them through exercise routines and giving them plans to do at home to help them meet their fitness goals and daily life routine goals.

    Noah’s love for fitness originated from his experiences with athletics from a young age through high school where he played basketball, football, and track and field. Noah takes pride in his ability to cater a plan towards anyone with the desire to better their health and fitness levels. Whether it be putting together a plan to improve in a sport or improve daily functions of life, Noah is more than happy to customize a plan fit to those needs. Noah is passionate about exercise, skiing/snowboarding, golf, basketball, hunting, cheering for Syracuse and Wisconsin sports teams, and reading.