Tiffany Miles - Princeton Club
Tiffany MilesPersonal Trainer • Princeton Club Xpress Middleton

    Tiffany Miles is a Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine with an associate degree in Exercise Science.  Tiffany had a strong drive for volleyball during her high school career, specifically as team setter, and held captain two consecutive years. A short time after high school, she found a deep passion for strength training, as it improved her confidence, mental health control, and overall physical health.

    Growing a deeper passion for fitness, Tiffany began training in 2019 with individual clients, group training classes, and fitness classes. She has loved being able to successfully help people work towards and achieve their fitness goals, which has also given her a depth of experience in many different areas. Tiffany has workd with clients with weight loss goals, clients who want to build muscle, strength training for a marathon runner, balance and strength increase for a stroke patient, hosting low impact classes for elderly, beginners, and those with injuries, hosting HIIT/ circuit classes for all ages, group training two or more clients with divided goals and body types, and more. Tiffany goes above and beyond to learn all areas of each individual to make each of their goals and focus points achievable.

    Outside of her fitness career, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family and always having adventure. You can find her hiking as many parks as she can or traveling all over to see and experience as much as possible. You might also catch her trail running with her pets, playing in volleyball leagues, taking professional photography, fine dining, reading, creating art, and enjoying life with friends.

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