Trevor Cloud - Princeton Club Xpress Personal Trainer
Trevor CloudPersonal Trainer Princeton Club Xpress Monona & McFarland

    Trevor Cloud is a Personal Trainer for the Monona/McFarland Princeton Club Xpress locations with a weight-loss story of his own. Trevor went to college at UW-Whitewater and graduated with a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation and minored in Health Promotion.

    During his freshman year at Whitewater Trevor gained 50 pounds and from that moment on his life changed forever. Initially starting as a business major, Trevor, with a new passion for nutrition and fitness, changed majors to physical education and shed all 50 pounds that he gained and then some. After going through his own personal weight loss transformation, he understood his calling, which is to help others struggling to make lifestyle changes and who are seeking a happier, better, longer life.

    While at Whitewater, Trevor interned alongside the campus Dietitian where he implemented meal plans for a very large demographic of individuals that included athletes, traditional students, and normal clients seeking diet advice. Even after college, Trevor has a never-ending drive for knowledge in all thing’s nutrition and fitness and is hoping to positively change the lives of everyone around him.