Austin ShervenInjury Management/Sports Performance

    For Austin Sherven, athletics and fitness have been part of his life since he started playing soccer at age six. Austin’s love for training began in high school when his father first put him under a bar for bench press. His passion for training continued to grow as he better conditioned himself to perform at his optimal level throughout his high school soccer career. With his passion for training in mind, Austin received a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology with an Emphasis in Exercise from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He also holds his training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

    Since starting in the fitness industry Austin has gained expertise in training a variety of clientele with varying goals and pursuits. This has ranged from 14-year-old beginners to someone in their upper 70’s just looking to stay active, and everything in between. Whether he’s working with an athlete, someone with weight loss goals, or helping someone who is dealing with an injury or disease (like Fibromyalgia), Austin keeps his client’s goals in mind as he creates each individualized program. He helps his clients reach their goals while keeping training sessions fun and energetic, all while pushing them to, and past, what they believe their limits are.

    “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” This quote by Nelson Mandela sums up how most people feel when they begin their fitness journey. It seems like the goals you want to accomplish are impossible to reach and you might start doubting yourself, but with the right knowledge and motivation you can achieve any goal you want to! Let’s do it together!