Brett SommersPersonal Training Director -- Strength and Sports Performance Specialist

    Each day presents a unique opportunity to improve upon the last.

    Brett believes that sentiment applies to each facet of our everyday lives and looks to help others capitalize on it with enthusiasm and a belief that improvement is inevitable with consistent effort and a positive mindset.

    Brett is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and he’s an active United States Strongman competitor who loves the combination of strength and athleticism needed to excel in the sport. His competitive drive stems from years of playing football, basketball and baseball. His passion for athletics also led him to build an early career as a sports journalist after graduating from UW-Madison.

    Brett also has a unique perspective to help anyone who doubts what they may be able to accomplish in the gym. He was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at age 3.  He has since worked hard to smash personal bests while managing a life-changing condition. He believes others can find success in spite of their own obstacles.

    Whether you are just starting out or know every piece of equipment in the gym, there is always a goal worth chasing.