Vernell CauleyManager/Personal Trainer Princeton Club Xpress McFarland

    Vernell brings two years of experience in the fitness realm, initially driven by a personal health journey that sparked a deep passion for assisting others.

    He believes that fitness doesn’t just benefit the body but also significantly aids mental health, serving as a tool to alleviate depression and anxiety. This belief fuels his commitment to empower individuals in achieving holistic well-being.

    At McFarland Princeton Club Xpress, Vernell introduces a contagious energy, fostering an environment brimming with love and encouragement. His presence elevates the atmosphere, creating a space where individuals feel supported and motivated to thrive.

    When Vernell isn’t dedicated to overseeing or working at our gym, he prioritizes spending quality time with his family. Additionally, he generously volunteers his time at the detention center, where he ministers to young adults. This commitment showcases his passion for giving back to the community and supporting the growth and well-being of others.