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From group exercise classes to nutrition education – we offer them all.   Try our spinning classes or water exercise!

Group Exercise


(*great class for beginners)

ATHLETIC ABS, POWER GLUTES: A challenging class focusing on the abdominal and gluteal muscles.

BARBELL BODY: Join us as we raise the bar in this strength training class that utilizes one of the most basic pieces of equipment: the barbell. Designed for all fitness levels, this class will target all major muscle groups as we look to build strength, and stamina. Our focus will be on form, as you learn safe and effective techniques in barbell strength training. (Wednesday 8:30am)

BARRE CORE: This unique workout will include progressive abdominal mat work, and a variety of toning exercises for the hips, thighs and glutes that will challenge and improve stability and balance from head to toe.

BODY SCULPT/STRENGTH FUSION: A strength training workout employing stability balls, hand weights, body bars, resistance bands and med balls to sculpt, define and tone the upper and lower body. Fusion classes may include short cardio interval drills for additional conditioning.

BODY WEIGHT H.I.I.T: High Intensity Interval Training, using only your body as resistance. This high energy class will challenge your body and help you build strength and stamina without the stress of added weights. Get your week started right! (Monday 6am)

BOOMERS BOOT CAMP: Packed with fun, functional and effective Boot Camp drills focusing on cardio endurance, strength and resistance training while encouraging a healthy life style. This class is designed for the baby boomers or those wanting a regressed and less vigorous format.

BOOT CAMP/WARRIOR BOOT CAMP: Our Advanced BootCamp classes deliver a comprehensive and balanced approach for the intense & motivated fitness enthusiast! Designed to challenge your entire body with muscle conditioning exercises, and a host of athletic and cardio drills that will challenge your muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity.

BOSU CIRCUIT & SCULPT: This multi-functional class is sure to challenge your muscular strength, core stability and balance. Participants will perform cardio circuit drills while sculpting their muscles using hand held weights, body bars and weighted balls; all incorporating the BOSU for an extra core challenge

CARDIO CIRCUIT TRAINING: This challenging workout begins with group cardio drills and weights. A combination of sports and running drills are intermixed in a rotating circuit. This training session is designed to build cardio endurance, muscular & core strength, agility and most of all fun!

CARDIO MIX: High-intensity, low-impact and easy to follow cardio exercises for the perfect workout. The use of stability balls, hand held weights and tubing is part of the fun.

CARDIO MIX & STRENGTH: A variety of cardio exercises are offered in this high energy, high intensity class, including basic dance moves to pop and Latin music. A strength and stretch session will complete the workout.

CARDIO DANCE MIX: Join this fun and invigorating class! Participants will dance to both pop and Latin music performing basic dance moves that are easy to follow for all.

HARD CORE: This Integrated-All-Core-Muscle-Group format includes strength and stability techniques to trim ad tone the entire core section using both body weight and equipment.

HIIT+ACC(High Intensity Interval Training+Athletic Cardio Conditioning): A strength circuit focusing on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary failure; followed by high-energy cardio and plyometric exercises that are guaranteed to super charge your workout.

INSANITY!:  A high-intensity cardio conditioning class that requires no equipment-just your own body weight and energy. No matter what your level, beginner to athletic, this class is for everyone. You will love all the options offered for your personal intensity.

IRON ABS & ARMS: Tone your abs and build your upper body muscles. Participants in this class will use their own body weight, plus a variety of equipment such as dumb bells, body bars, tubing and kettle bells to create leaner, firmer abs, while building the upper body muscles.

MAMAFIT: Hey Mama! We have a class just for you! The struggles of Pre and Postnatal fitness are real. Let us help guide you through this journey in a safe and effective workout, that is geared specifically to new or expecting mothers. With nine children of her own, Personal Trainer Priscilla has the knowledge and insight to help evolve your developing body. (Wednesday 9:15am)

P90X LIVE: A total-body conditioning class that uses the science of muscle confusion to help you bust through plateaus and achieve your fitness goals. Modifications are provided for a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. Varying workout protocols keep things new and exciting.

PILATES (Mat Class): Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercises. This unique system of body conditioning will improve posture, flexibility and balance, while strengthening the entire core.

POWER CORE :  Power Core will test your core strength, with short cardio bursts to get that heart rate up! The perfect workout for your lunch hour! Be ready to work hard, but most importantly, have FUN! Turn your core into a “POWER CORE” (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm)

POWER FLO: A fusion workout that is low-impact, yet high-energy. It’s designed to improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Power Flo is a dynamic and endlessly variable workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.

POWER H.I.I.T: Power H.I.I.T offers a high output workout to end your workday. H.I.I.T stands for high intensity interval training. This group will combine power lifts, whole body strength, core training and Intervals to keep you sweating and coming back for more! ( Wednesday 5:30pm

POWER STRETCH: In this class you will perform a progressive series of exercises that will focus on improving core stability, strength, balance and flexibility.

RHYTHMIC AGILITY: Take your agility training to a new level! Designed around the agility ladder, this workout involves choreographed ladder drills set to popular music that will challenge all participants while having fun! This up-beat, high energy workout also includes body weight exercises. (modifications provided)

STRENGTH FUSION: This class offers a perfect way to tone your body while focusing on strength, balance, and functional training. Participants will work upper and lower body strength, plus all the core muscles. All levels welcome.

STRETCH AND RENEW *: Develop flexibility, prevent injury and overcome imbalances through stretching and mobility. Learn and practice a variety of stretching techniques and expand your knowledge of your body with the help and guidance of a Personal Trainer. This low impact, high result class will be the perfect fit to your workout week! (Thursday 10am)

TRX *: This class is for the TRX fanatic who doesn’t want anything besides a pure suspension based workout. Hit every muscle in the body, while almost never letting go of the TRX strap. No dumbbells, no barbells, no running. Just TRX! (Wednesday 9am)

TRX BOOMERS *: Lower impact TRX circuit training consisting of easily regressed exercises designed to develop and maintain posture, strength and function in the older population. This is a great class for individuals with previous hip or knee replacement or surgeries. (Friday 10am)

TRX STRENGTH: Steady paced total body strength exercises with an emphasis on core strength and stability. Participants will use the TRX straps, free weights and machines for a total body workout. ( Monday 9am)

TRX WARRIOR: Are you ready to work? Then this is your workout. TRX Warrior combines TRX suspension training, with every available strength training method you can think of, in addition to high output intervals. Each week provides a new and challenging workout, to keep your muscles guessing and heart pumping. Let your warrior out! (Friday 9am)

TURBO KICK: Turbo Kick is a fun way to incorporate kickboxing, dance and martial arts into a high-energy workout.

WERQ: Build cardio endurance by dancing to today’s hottest top 40 pop, rock and hip hop music. WERQ up a sweat on the dance floor to all of your favorite charting hits.

ZUMBA (high intensity): Dance to the pulsating beat of high-energy music. Zumba incorporates simplified footwork and body movements from Latin, hip hop and other dance forms. It’s great for all levels.

ZUMBA (low impact): All the great benefits that Zumba offers while keeping dance movements low impact. Transitions between movements are gentle on the body and offering all a great cardio dance workout!

ZUMBA-‘HIGH NRG’: High impact, high intensity Zumba dance movements that are sure to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, and take your dance ability to a new level! ZUMBA

SCULPT: Dance to the beat of pulsating music and finish this session with body shaping strength moves.



CYCLUB: A 45-minute high-intensity, challenging and fun ride. Cyclub is the first fully immersed, entertainment based, indoor cycling class. Each class features your favorite songs from a variety of music genres melded with the pulse pounding excitement of a fully synchronized light show. Cyclub puts you at the center of a unique and epic audiovisual experience that promises to be the most entertaining workout of your life.

CYCLUB CIRCUIT: The excitement and fun of a Cyclub class, combining the theory of muscle confusion as participants will complete a circuit including cycling, strength training and challenging core work.

CYCLUB+CORE: High-energy and challenging 45-minute Cyclub ride followed by core work to target the abdominal and back muscles.

SPINNING: Take the ride of your life. Spinning is a group cycling class that accurately replicates the feel of the cycle on the road. Experience hills, flat terrains and jumps using various sitting and standing positions. Spinning is for everyone, at any age and any fitness level. It is easy to learn and a great workout.

SPIN CORE: Spin Core will take each rider through a challenging ride (45-50 minutes), followed by exercises that focus primarily on core strength, balance and flexibility (10-15 minutes).

SPIN TRAINING: Curriculum based, cycle specific training includes endurance, intervals, strength and race days! Progression occurs with each class providing the opportunity to really work hard on race day and avoid plateaus. All levels welcome.

SPIN & STRETCH: 50 minutes of cardio training combined with lower body strength that is sure to challenge your muscular endurance. Our Spinning & Pilates instructor integrates core strength exercises and stretches that are critical for cyclists.

Water Exercise


Water exercise classes offer a total body workout that is challenging and fun for all ages and fitness levels. Water provides a lower impact on the joints but more resistance for muscle toning and cardio conditioning. Speak with our certified instructors if you have special needs or questions about your workout. Water shoes are strongly recommended but not required. Check the whiteboard near the aquatic equipment room to find out the instructor’s name and which equipment will be used for each class. All classes begin with a warm-up and end with stretching.

H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training) H2O: This intense cardio training workout will help you burn a maximum amount of calories & boost your metabolism. High-intensity work is coupled with lower intensity recovery for a powerful workout. A variety of equipment may be used. This higher intensity class can be modified for all fitness levels.

A2 (Athletic Aqua): This workout builds on the core needs of an athlete. The instructor will lead you through exercises to build strength, speed, endurance, agility & stamina. A variety of equipment will be used to improve muscle & core strength. This higher intensity class can be modified for all fitness levels.

BOOT CAMP H2O: Expect to be challenged with this workout. Instructors use a different format each week for a total body workout, including suspended exercises & longer repetitions for maximum cardio & strength training. A variety of equipment is used. This higher intensity class can be modified for all fitness levels.

AQUA CARDIO & STRETCH: Expect a good cardio workout with active stretching throughout. Modifications are shown for those who want to be extremely gentle on the joints. Movement through the water improves core strength & balance, while active stretching improves flexibility. Noodles may be used. This is a moderate-intensity class.

HI-LO H2O: This class is for all participant levels. The instructor’s focus will be demonstrating higher and lower impact versions of exercises to personalize your workout. The format includes cardio and muscle toning with a variety of equipment. The intensity level is determined by each participant.

HARDCORE STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: This class will work your whole body with intense cardio work & muscle toning, with special emphasis on strengthening your core. The instructor will use a variety of equipment & many challenging exercises for a great cross-training workout. This higher intensity class can be modified for all fitness levels.

ZUMBA H.I.I.T. (High-Intensity Interval Training): This fun & challenging workout combines high energy Zumba music with easy to follow water choreography & intense cardio work. Strength training with a variety of equipment completes this full body workout. Based on the Zumba style from land, but choreographed for the water, this dynamic class will keep you smiling as you work.

AQUA CARDIO IN MOTION: This workout is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility & balance. Varying intensity aerobic movements let you adjust the workout to your needs, with periods of gentle exercise to increase the range of motion & decrease stress to joints You will use the natural water resistance for active stretching. Noodles may be used. This is a moderate-intensity class.

POWER AQUA: This workout will help you build cardiovascular endurance & strong muscles as you use the water’s natural resistance. Modifications are demonstrated to increase or decrease your workout. A variety of equipment may be used. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.



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  • I began working with (my trainer) about a year ago and have achieved some incredible goals in my life.  He is an amazing trainer and coach and is very knowledgeable about so many things including anatomy, physiology and other aspects of physical training, diet and exercise that are necessary in being a successful trainer.

    Michael Princeton Club Member
  • Love this place. Have been a member for going on 5 years and have been satisfied with their excellent facilities and service. My kids love the teachers at the kids club - they actually engage in activities with them. My son has been going there since infancy and they were so patient when he was first reluctant to go. Now he runs in! Also love that there's a channel on all machines with TV where you can view your kids...wonderful place!

    Dynae Princeton Club Member
  • I joined about four months ago for two years to start. I had used the facility about three years ago for physical therapy with UW so I knew what to expect. Three times a week I go to swim classes in the early mornings, do my physical therapy in the resistance pool ahead of time and enjoy the whirlpool after my classes. When the weather cools down I will add some walking and perhaps a yoga class to my schedule. I like meeting new friends and knowing that every time I go there will be friendly faces to greet me and EXCELLENT trainers leading my classes. Before I joined I had mentally committed to the membership. Now I am physically committed! Thank you, Princeton Club!

    Rhonda Princeton Club Member
  • It's my therapy place. It takes lots of motivation to get there, but once I'm there, it's so worth it!

    Elena Princeton Club Member
  • I love the different classes and the fact most of them are free. It's nice to have variety with my workouts. I can chose a different class everyday of just work out on my own. I have also made some great friends during class.

    Brittany Princeton Club Member
  • The BEST gym!! Hands down. So many classes, weights, machines, etc. I've been a member since moving to Madison & wouldn't go anywhere else!!

    Cindy Princeton Club Member
  • Clean. Huge. They have it all. If you can't find it here you should stay home. One of the best gyms I've been to.

    Lee Princeton Club Member
  • Beautiful Club. Excellent facility and wonderful, friendly staff.

    Carrie Princeton Club Member