Our Biggest Loser Contest is designed to inspire and motivate you for real, permanent changes. Contestants on the TV show never thought they could do it, but with the right tools, they were successful. 

Madison East


Princeton Club East

January 25th – April 18th

Millennials VS Gen X VS Baby Boomers

Three generations, three winners!  The Biggest Loser contest is designed to inspire and motivate you for real and permanent weight loss results. Contestants on the TV show never thought they could do it, but with the right tools, they were tremendously successful. This Biggest Loser contest will provide you with the very tools you need to lose the weight that you want to lose!

This year you are competing against your own generation.  We will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in 3 categories:

Millennials: Age 18-35 years old

Generation X: Age 36-54 years old

Baby Boomers: Age 55+


Individual- Compete against other participants to lose the highest total percentage of body weight in 12 weeks.
*If there is a tie, the award will go to the contestant with the highest actual pounds lost.

Team- Be part of the team that collectively loses the highest total percentage of their body weight. (Trick: the more groups you join the better chance you have to win!)
*If there is a tie, the award will go to the team that loses the most actual pounds collectively.  Teams will be a combination of generations.

Winners –  There will be one Millennial, one Generation X, one Baby Boomer and one team (combination of generations) Grand Prize Winner.
**There will also be second and third place winners for Millennials, Gen X, & Baby Boomers**

Big Group Winner – The Millennials, Gen X-ers, & Baby Boomers will also be competing to lose the highest percentage of weight as a group. All of the Millennials’ weight loss will compete against all of the Gen X-ers’ weight loss, which will also compete against all of the Baby Boomers’ weight loss. The group that loses the highest percentage of weight will win a big group prize.

Biggest Loser • Battle of the generations

How it works:

  1. Choose from one, two, three, or four groups to train with per week.
  2. All participants (including Xpress clubs) must come to the initial weigh in Saturday, January 25th. Informational meeting will begin at 9 a.m. Photographs and weigh in will immediately follow the meeting. Location: East Side Mega Club
  3. Participants must come to the final weigh in Saturday, April 18th at 12 noon at the East Side Mega Club.
  4. Weigh in once a week with your trainer. *If you are in multiple groups, you will weigh in with each trainer, each week.
  5. Complete weekly food journals and turn them in to your trainer(s).
  6. You must complete all of the listed above or you will be disqualified.
  7. To Enter:
    1. Choose how many groups you would like to join. (Max of 4)
    2. Select the days/times that work best for you
    3. Register at the front desk and tell them how many and what groups you would like to join.

***Max of 15 participants per group. Spots fill up very quickly so register now!***

Contest Package

Biggest Loser package includes:

  • Weekly 60 minute workout with the group(s) of your choice
  • Review and Feedback of your weekly food journals
  • Healthy recipes and nutrition counseling
  • Opportunity to compete in quarterly challenges
  • An individual fitness assessment with your trainer to take your starting measurements (InBody Composition Scan) and to develop a customized workout routine for you to do on your own that will supplement your group workouts. Ask to get your measurements taken also!
  • Discount on Fit Fresh Meal options to help guide you through healthy eating.
  • Five Nutritional counseling with our trainers every other week. These will be held Saturdays at 11:30 am on February 8th, February 22nd, March 7th, March 21st and April 4th.
  • MVP nominations every 3 weeks
  • Raffle drawing for prizes. Raffle entries based on Group Exercise classes attended (1 entry for every class you take from our Group Exercise Schedule).
  • FREE quarterly big group boot camp classes (All generations combined for workout). These will be held on Sundays at 10:00 am on February 16th, March 8th and March 29th.

Contest Packages/Pricing


  • One group per week • $239; if you sign up after December 31st • $255
  • Two groups per week • $345; if you sign up after December 31st • $399
  • Three groups per week • $399; if you sign up after December 31st • $469
  • Four groups per week • $479; if you sign up after December 31st • $559

*Add a one-on-one personal trainer during the 12 week program for just an additional $499. (A savings of almost $300 • Discount of 35% off regular pricing)

Non-Members are Welcome!!
Non-member added surcharge:

  • One group per week • +$30
  • Two groups per week • +$40
  • Three groups per week • +$50
  • Four groups per week • +$60

**Prices will increase January 1st, signup now and save!!


Day Time Trainer Location
Mon 6-7am Rachel East
Mon 9-10am Austin East
Mon 5:30-6:30pm Caitlin East
Mon 6-7pm Rachel East
Mon 6:30-7:30pm Courtney East
Tues 6-7am Clay East
Tues 3:30-4:30pm Crystal East
Tues 5-6pm Crystal East
Tues 5:30-6:30pm Lauren East
Tues 6-7pm Rachel East
Wed 6-7am Rachel East
Wed 9-10am Austin East
Wed 4:30-5:30pm Caitlin East
Wed 5:15-6:15pm Clay East
Wed 6-7pm Brandon East
Wed 6:30-7:30pm Courtney East
Wed 7:15-8:15pm Austin East
Thurs 5-6pm TBD East
Thurs 6-7pm Brandon East
Thurs 6:15-7:15pm Lauren East
Fri 5:30-6:30am Cole East
Fri 9-10am Clay East
Sat 8:30-9:30am Lauren East
Sat 9-10am Crystal East
Sat 10:30-11:30am Crystal East

*** If a participant misses a group session due to illness, travel, etc. they may make it up in another group that week. In order to schedule a make-up, the participant must contact the trainer of the group they would like to join for the make-up class. However, participants cannot change their group permanently once the program has begun.


Prizes for each Millennials, Gen X-ers, Baby Boomers:

1st place– Will each receive 10 FREE Personal Training sessions + 1 month FREE PULSE Boot Camp +1 FREE round of Biggest Loser Continuation training+ 6 months FREE Hydromassage.

2nd place- Will each receive 5 FREE Personal Training sessions + 1 FREE month of PULSE Boot Camp +50% discount* off 1 round of Biggest Loser Continuation training + 3 months FREE Hydromassage.

3rd place– Will each receive 3 FREE Personal Training sessions + 1 month FREE Hydromassage.


1st place team– Each member of the team will receive a t-shirt,  gift cards to local businesses and a free round of Biggest Loser Continuation training (8 weeks of group training with your same group and trainer.)

2nd place team– Each member of the team will receive club cash and 1 month FREE PULSE Boot Camp.

3rd place team– Each member of the team will receive club cash.

Winning Group (Millennials, Gen X-ers, or Baby Boomers) – Each member of the winning group will receive club cash and 2 FREE months of Hydromassage.

Every 3 Weeks – Each team will nominate a MVP and the winner (from each team) will receive a prize.

*Discounts cannot be combined. If you win multiple discount prizes, they must be redeemed separately.


  1. The Initial weigh-in on January 25th and the final weigh-in on April 18th are mandatory. We MUST do an official weigh-in for you to be eligible to win the contest.
  2. Participants must weigh in once a week. All participants in a group will weigh in before their group workout and report their weight to their trainers before each scheduled workout. If you are in multiple groups, you don’t have to weigh in each class, but you need to report your weight to your trainer at each workout.
  3. For the initial and final weigh-ins, participants should wear normal workout clothes. (T-shirt, shorts or workout pants and socks.) Shoes will be removed and there can’t be anything found in pockets. (NO JEANS or SWEATSHIRTS-This will be strictly enforced)
  4. You must fill out and complete a weekly food journal. Food journals will be tracked through or If you do not have access to the internet, let your trainer know before the contest begins.
  5. Challenges will be presented to each group every 3 weeks. If you complete a challenge, you will receive a 1lb advantage from your weight for that week.
    1. In addition, if you attend the big group boot camps on Sundays, you will also receive a 1lb advantage at the end of the contest.
  6. Princeton Club strongly advises all contestants to lose weight safely following healthy eating and exercising habits. There are many resources at the club to assist you with losing weight in a healthy manner. We strongly discourage skipping meals, starving yourself before weigh-ins or excessive exercising that is unsafe. (Your trainer can expound upon these suggestions if you need them to)
  7. If you do not lose weight for 2 consecutive weeks, please contact a trainer to review your current workout routine and nutrition plan.
  8. The winner will be determined by the top participant (for each millennials, gen X-ers, baby boomers)  who loses the largest percentage of body weight. If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by who lost the most actual pounds. To qualify for the top prize, all requirements of the contest must be met with no exceptions.
  9. All rules are enforced on all participants with no exceptions. It is the participants’ responsibility to read and understand the rules and guidelines.
  10. Contest is between the East side club only. East side contestants cannot workout in the West side groups or participate in their program and vice-versa. Members, however, can use the west clubs to work out on their own per their membership agreement.

Program Director:

Crystal Lanphier-

Free Trial



  • I began working with (my trainer) about a year ago and have achieved some incredible goals in my life.  He is an amazing trainer and coach and is very knowledgeable about so many things including anatomy, physiology and other aspects of physical training, diet and exercise that are necessary in being a successful trainer.

    Michael Princeton Club Member
  • Love this place. Have been a member for going on 5 years and have been satisfied with their excellent facilities and service. My kids love the teachers at the kids club - they actually engage in activities with them. My son has been going there since infancy and they were so patient when he was first reluctant to go. Now he runs in! Also love that there's a channel on all machines with TV where you can view your kids...wonderful place!

    Dynae Princeton Club Member
  • I joined about four months ago for two years to start. I had used the facility about three years ago for physical therapy with UW so I knew what to expect. Three times a week I go to swim classes in the early mornings, do my physical therapy in the resistance pool ahead of time and enjoy the whirlpool after my classes. When the weather cools down I will add some walking and perhaps a yoga class to my schedule. I like meeting new friends and knowing that every time I go there will be friendly faces to greet me and EXCELLENT trainers leading my classes. Before I joined I had mentally committed to the membership. Now I am physically committed! Thank you, Princeton Club!

    Rhonda Princeton Club Member
  • It's my therapy place. It takes lots of motivation to get there, but once I'm there, it's so worth it!

    Elena Princeton Club Member
  • I love the different classes and the fact most of them are free. It's nice to have variety with my workouts. I can chose a different class everyday of just work out on my own. I have also made some great friends during class.

    Brittany Princeton Club Member
  • The BEST gym!! Hands down. So many classes, weights, machines, etc. I've been a member since moving to Madison & wouldn't go anywhere else!!

    Cindy Princeton Club Member
  • Clean. Huge. They have it all. If you can't find it here you should stay home. One of the best gyms I've been to.

    Lee Princeton Club Member
  • Beautiful Club. Excellent facility and wonderful, friendly staff.

    Carrie Princeton Club Member