Matt Cuplin #ForABetterTomorrow

Matt Cuplin  •  Princeton Club Member

Matt Cuplin’s world shook when his doctor sat him down and broke the news that he had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). At just 30 years old and with his wife and three young daughters by his side, the fear of what the future may or may not hold flooded in.  

Matt knew what he needed to do… fight back and get healthy. “The better shape I kept my body in, the better shape my mind was in, the better chance I had to kick the can down the road as far as I could,” said Matt. With a phone call to Trainer Jake Salzman at Princeton Club West, Matt started his journey.

The vision of walking his daughters down the aisle carried his hope as he began working with Trainer Jake multiple times a week. “This disease (MS) had no clear path and it could affect me a lot or a little, so it was this big void in terms of what lay ahead. I was in a really tough spot. Being in the gym, training, physically having my hands on something, helped give structure to my battle with that,” Matt shared.

As time passed and countless workouts were put in, Matt began seeing his symptoms slowly fade away. Success didn’t stop there. “I found myself benefitting outside of the gym… playing with my kids, spending time with my wife, increased confidence, being more mentally aware,” Matt said. “I’m more focused on what I’m doing when I’m in the office and I think clients can see that too.”

Grab a tissue and brace your heart as Matt Cuplin opens up about his fight against Multiple Sclerosis and what’s driving him to keep showing up and putting in the work at Princeton Club.