Michelle H. #ForABetterTomorrow

Michelle H.  Princeton Club Member

“I came to Princeton Club to kind of find myself again and get my body back after having two kids.  I was feeling sluggish, a little bit lost and it was a struggle to find motivation to come. I was very self conscious… I used to be really fit and then I kind of lost it so it was a struggle every day just to walk in the door.

I met a lot of friends here and realized these ladies had the same circumstance, they were under the same false pressures that I had actually put upon myself.  We’re all here trying to find our way, we’re all struggling and it was something that actually helped us bond. When I come here, it feels less like a workout and more like a gathering and I love that aspect… you don’t even realize there’s a workout going on!  I have a great group of friends here now that I even socialize with outside of the club as well.

The trainers here are unbelievable! They know exactly how to motivate, exactly how to push you, how to get you excited and involved in what you’re doing, and they become a friend to you so you build this deep trust with them. It’s unreal! My girlfriends give me accountability and the trainers give me guidance to look forward to my goals.

My kids are very involved in the tennis program and with the personal trainers here.  This is our second home. My kids know I’m the softest person ever except when it comes to fitness… it’s your lifetime and I want them to carry that on even when I’m not here.  And I know if I want my kids to listen to me on that, I have to live it. My kids actually admire my fitness and brag, which is really cute to me that I can be such a role model to them.

If you don’t push yourself, you’re never going to get stronger, you’re never going to get better, you’re never going to get more fit… so it’s taught me to always test myself and my boundaries. It’s taught me to get out of my comfort zone and to show up if you want to better yourself. You have to show up and do it and put the work in. So just get in and go do it… just step out of the car, come into the club, you will find something that just amazes you and will get you hooked!

I’m here to prolong my life, to be able to move around with my kids, to be happier… I’m happier when I’m fit.”

Michelle H.  Princeton Club New Berlin Member