Nicole S. #ForABetterTomorrow

Nicole S.  Princeton Club Member

“We joined the Princeton Club when I was pregnant with my third child.  I actually looked into it just as a way to get out of the house.  Staying fit has always been important to me and it was getting hard to do with two little ones at home, and I knew it would be even harder with a third.  Doing a workout video in your basement is a little hard to motivate yourself to do, so when we joined, I became involved working with Priscilla in her Momma Fit class and then some of the group fitness classes as well.

So as I said, fitness has always been important to me and general overall health, but this is a way for me to have a goal, get focus in my days and my weeks, and it’s a way for me to socialize.

I really enjoy the group fitness classes and some of the small group classes.  I’ve worked with Priscilla, Sandy and Jessica, I’ve had great experiences with them all.  I’ve had great experiences with various instructors of the larger fitness classes. I feel like I’m more fit now after having three kids than I’ve ever been in my life just because everyone around you pushes you to try harder, be faster, be stronger all of the trainers are great motivators.

I am here for becoming a healthier version of myself, to become stronger, to gain focus in my days and my weeks, to be a better mom, a better friend and a better wife overall.

We’re all here for a better tomorrow.”

Nicole S.  Princeton Club West Member