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“This place is a dream. Really, we all have a handful of reasons/excuses not to get healthy and in shape…
But the Princeton Club has done everything I can think of to answer/solve all barriers to getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Ashley R. | Princeton Club Member


“It’s my therapy place!”

Elena | Princeton Club Member


“My whole life I was so scared to work out at gyms, and when I started going for the first time almost a year ago to the Princeton Club West it totally changed my entire outlook on fitness, my body, and how it was within my reach to be mentally healthy. I love the clean and well maintained facilities, how friendly the staff are, and how I felt totally comfortable no matter what time or day I went to work out. Thank you so much Princeton Club! “

Hannah F. | Princeton Club Member


“Amazing gym! They have everything you would ever need in one building. Very clean!”

Valerie K. | Princeton Club Member


“Beautiful Club. Excellent facility and wonderful, friendly staff.”

Carrie | Princeton Club Member