Hannah BrakarshPersonal Trainer Princeton Club West

    Hannah is a certified personal trainer and UW Eau Claire graduate with a degree in exercise science. She loves to help others achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. A multiple time Ironman age group podium finisher and marathoner, she is familiar with setback and tenacity. Remember, the end result does not always show what all went into getting there, but it makes getting there all the more special.

    Helping others come back from injury is also something Hannah is passionate about, particularly because she has had her own experience with that. Being setback can be very frustrating, she can help you stay on track in building strength and endurance back while minimizing injury recurrence.

    As a lover of the outdoors, Hannah enjoys hiking, and as alluded to before, swimming, biking, and running. Though, just relaxing or hanging out with friends cannot be forgotten.