Kendra NeuhauserExercise Science & Nutrition Specialist

    Kendra graduated from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sports Science and a minor in Nutrition. She is always striving to grow as a person and fitness professional and will continue her education at the University of Wisconsin- Madison for graduate school in Kinesiology in the fall of 2018. Kendra got her Personal Training Certification through NSCA. Before pursuing her career in the fitness world, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Nursing home. During her college career she was involved in a physical activity mentoring program for persons with disabilities. This is where she found her love for creating programs for individuals to help them improve their lives through fitness, no matter where their starting point is.

    Kendra was involved in multiple sports growing up and throughout college. One of her most rewarding sports she participated in was Gymnastics, in which she competed for 12 years. She gained determination, passion, and discipline, (along with many trips to the physical therapy clinic) from Gymnastics and has carried it throughout her life. In High School she was involved in soccer and volleyball. She decided to carry out her volleyball career in college by joining the Club team at UW Lacrosse. It was here that Kendra discovered that she wanted to make fitness a big part of her life.

    During her time at the nursing home, Kendra was able to work with individuals to help them become more active with different exercise programs and assist with their physical therapy. With her mentoring program she was able to create weekly fitness programs and goals for individuals who are still dear to her heart. She also volunteered at the physical therapy department in a hospital for a number of years which has helped her develop experience in rehabilitation. She loves seeing the way people look when they have achieved something great, and being able to be the person to help them along the way is very rewarding. From her own experience of weight loss, rehab, and nutrition she wishes to bring her knowledge and skills to help you improve your health and fitness whether you are just starting out or an athlete seeking improvement.

    In her spare time she loves spending time with family and friends, playing volleyball, running, and obsessing over Labrador Retrievers.

    “You’re only ONE workout away from a good mood!”