Santana BarnardPersonal Trainer Princeton Club West

    Santana Barnard is a UW-Madison graduate where he finished with a degree in Kinesiology with experience in the Exercise and Movement Science program. Santana’s fitness journey began when he was very young through all the sports he played in elementary school. In high school, Santana focused on basketball and started to take weightlifting more seriously. After his basketball career ended, Santana stayed in the gym to fulfill his passion for an active lifestyle. 

    In his free time he enjoys traveling, hiking, watching the Packers/Brewers/Bucks/& all Wisconsin sports, lifting weights, and taking his dog outside to run and play.

    Santana excels in working with clients who want to gain strength/muscle mass, people who would like to lose some weight, older adults who want to increase stability or muscle, and younger individuals who are preparing for an upcoming sports season. No matter what your fitness goal is, Santana would be excited to assist you along your fitness journey.