4 Tips for Runners from Personal Trainer Christine

Trainer Christine has been CRUSHING her running training & races this year, with three 1st place female finishes, new course records, and a 4th place finish!
“I love running! I feel energized and strong doing it. Running helps me push myself and gives me a challenge. I like to be in competition with myself.”
Check out Trainer Christine’s 4 tips for runners at all levels below!
1. Best Overall Advice

Get good running shoes! Improper or old shoes can not only make your feet hurt, but also your knees, hips and back. This is the top gear for running you don’t want to skimp on. Find a local running store that will take you through a fitting process to help you find the best running shoes for you!

2. Nutrition Tip
Carbohydrates = Fuel! Light carbs 30+ minutes pre-run will help it go much better, and a protein & carb-rich snack within 20 minutes post-run will help aid your recovery. Every person is a little different, so try out different foods at different times to see what works best for you.
3.New Runner Advice

Don’t be intimidated. No need to start out expecting to run a long way and fast. The important thing is to get out and move! Starting with walking is great, then pick up your pace (even for a short stint). Work your way into your own groove!

4.Tip for Current Runners

Get comfortable being a little uncomfortable. Add intervals to your run where you pick up your pace for 30 or 60 seconds at a time, or add hills (on cardio equipment or outside). It may not be pleasant, but the results will be there!

If you’re looking to talk running (or train!), talk to Christine next time you’re at the Club or email her at And cheer her on as she gets ready for 4 more upcoming races this year!

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Trainer Christine’s 2021 Races
April 2021 5k • 1st place Overall Female • 18th Overall
May 2021 Bunk Horse 10k • 1st place Overall Female • 4th Overall • Set Female Course Record
June 2021 Prairie Chase 10k • 1st place Overall Female • 8th Overall

July 2021 Dances with Dirt at Devil’s Lake 10k • 4th place Overall Female • 1st place Ages 50+ • 14th Overall

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