Legs and Core Workout #13 with Trainer Caitlin

Individual At-Home Workout
Legs and Core Workout #13 with Trainer Caitlin

Get your heart pumping and endorphins running as Trainer Caitlin from Princeton Club East takes you through an at-home leg and core workout! #ForABetterTomorrow
• Two sliders OR two hand towels for hard surfaces OR two paper plates for carpet.
• Jump rope if you have one.
• Thera-band if you have one.
• Lateral walk with squat jumps (with or without band on ankles) – 12 squat jumps (6 each direction)
• Slider wax on/wax off – 12 each
• Slider leg curl – 12 reps
• Side to side rotational plank – 12 each
• Jump rope OR jumping jacks – 60 reps
Complete this circuit 3-4 times.

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