Jacob LarsonPersonal Trainer Princeton Club Xpress Cottage Grove & Monona

    Jacob is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and has been training clients since 2020, he believes in supporting individuals toward their goals in an effective and engaging manner. People will have a much easier time sticking with a program and reaching their dream physique if they genuinely enjoy their training. Jacob also believes that the training needs to be safe and should mitigate risks. Having experienced injuries several times in the past he understands the limitations they create and hopes to prevent others from injuring themselves.

    Jacob grew up in Hammond Wisconsin and played numerous sports throughout high school including basketball, football, track and field, and powerlifting. He started lifting weights his freshman year and it ultimately became a passion for him. He is always trying to learn something new and expanding his knowledge of all realms of fitness so that he can better himself and help others more effectively. He currently enjoys recreational bodybuilding and spends a lot of his free time reading papers about the latest exercise research.

    Jacob has learned and experimented with several types of fitness: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, General Health and Wellness, Body Transformation, Sports Performance, and most important Injury Prevention.

    Jacob trains at the Cottage Grove and Monona Xpress locations, if you are interested in working with him you can contact him at