Julie Murphy AgnewPersonal Trainer Princeton Club Xpress Middleton

    While personally being a Princeton Club member for 15+ years, Julie discovered the impact and importance of this community and the offerings the Princeton Club provides to its members. When the opportunity to become part of the team presented itself, it felt like an appropriate fit. Playing an active role in members’ well-being journeys is inspiring because she sees individuals challenge themselves, exceed what they think they’re capable of accomplishing, and progress to their most healthful selves. Being a part of these experiences inspires her to be HER best self as a trainer, athlete, mom, and wife. When it comes to tackling big goals and challenges, she embraces the question, “Why not me? I am capable.” She encourages others to approach situations with this mentality as well.

    In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, Julie is a wife, mom, author, traveler, hot yogi, triathlete, and an avid Badger fan. She holds an undergraduate degree from UW-Madison and a masters degree from the University of Florida. Her passions lie in adventure, sustainability, design, well-being, and helping others live fulfilling and joy-filled lives. Through her own health and fitness journeys (as well as trial & error), she discovered what works well for her body. It’s empowering when nutrition and movement pieces align, and she looks forward to helping members define the appropriate approach for them while supporting their journey.