Yacouba TraoreBody Transformation Specialist

    “For me, working out is more than just about looking good. I train for a healthier and enjoyable life. Let’s work together on the goal of you becoming the stronger, happier and healthier person you are meant to be.”

    Yacouba graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Genetics and a Master’s in Global Higher Education and certified through the American Council on Exercise. His passion for fitness began at very young age with his participation in soccer and basketball. After college, Yacouba picked up and exceled in racquetball, ranking in state and national tournaments. Later he became a racquetball instructor at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

    In 2009, Yacouba started a fitness and health program in Ivory Coast, West Africa. He briefly returned home to share his love of education and exercise in his birthplace and was one of few leading a fitness movement in Abidjan.

    Yacouba promotes utilizing a variety of tools including weight machines, free weights, and more importantly, your own body weight to achieve your desired level of fitness. Yacouba will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities and the integration of guided fitness programs to make your health goals become a reality. He hopes to create a training environment that not only motivates you, but is also rewarding.