Trainer Tip from Personal Trainer Taylor Husom

Candy; Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie; Cookies. In the next two months we are about to experience cooler weather and several holidays that bring us inside to our favorite comfort foods and drinks. The holidays are a happy time filled with traditions for many, but can also be a stressful time on our minds and/or bodies. While we have to set realistic goals and cannot expect perfection during these times, I strongly urge you to avoid giving foods/treats as gifts this holiday season. Instead, invest in other’s health and well-being with athletic clothing, shoes or other fitness, recreational or sports equipment. As for yourself, try out a new FREE class at Princeton Club; utilize your FREE orientations each member receives with our personal training staff to design you a plan moving forward, and encourage others to be active with you. Keep yourself in control this holiday season with mindful eating and consistent exercise. Maintain, don’t gain.