Full Body Workout #4 with Trainer Caitlin

Individual At-Home Workout
Full Body Workout #4 with Trainer Caitlin Sheldon

Here is a great full-body workout you can do right at home from Trainer Caitlin Sheldon at Princeton Club East.
• Chair
• Any sports ball
• Single leg squat to a chair – 12 reps on each side
• In and out push up (knees or toes) – 12 reps
• Seated figure 8 with ball – 12 each leg
• Scapula push up – 12 reps
• Wall sit – 40 seconds
Repeat this set 4 times with only a water break in between sets to keep your heart rate up.
Enjoy and keep working hard to create your better tomorrow! #ForABetterTomorrow