Lower Body Workout #5 with Trainer Lauren

Individual At-Home Workout
Lower Body Workout #5 with Trainer Lauren Parish

Lower body slider-inspired at-home workout for you from Trainer Lauren Parish at Princeton Club East.
Length: 30-45 Minutes
Equipment: Two hand towels or washcloths.
• 5-10 minutes of a light walk/jog outside OR marching in place at home
• Dynamic Stretching exercises: 1 Set, 10-15 reps for each.
– Leg swings (R/L)
– Torso Twist
– Hamstring/Hip flexor stretch
– Side reach hurdler stretch

Low impact lower body exercises: 2-3 Sets, 10-20 reps for each.
• Curtsy Lunges
• Slide out hurdler lunge
• Hamstring slide outs (singles or doubles)
• Plank with leg slide
• Squat + side leg kick

High intensity sequence: 2-3 Sets, 45 seconds on for each with a 15 second rest.
• Squat jumps
• Mountain Climbers
• Alternating Lunge Jumps
• Burpees

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